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Awaken. Force yourself up. Draw the blinds. Grey light burns your eyes. Plug yourself in. Step out of the door and fade in to the swim....

From the first opening moments of 'Day', you already know that you are about to experience something totally different from the artist 'Vacant Stations'. As the first solemn sounding notes play out, the mood is set, hanging in the air like a heavy, dark oppressive mantle. But all is not lost...there is always hope.

Vacant Stations is an ambient project hailing from London, UK who has a background in film and video. Through his music, Vacant Stations generally hopes to conjure visuals and inspire creativity. A little bit about the thoughts behind 'Clones' in the words of the artist himself. 

"Some of the motivations and intentions behind 'Clones', are mostly concerning the theme of identity: A meditation on the conflict and pressures of striving for individualism in an era of homogenisation, while considering implications about the future of human identity as it inevitably merges with the technology it creates. A self-reflexive comment on what have come to be regarded as dark ambient genre conventions. Hopefully a sense of narrative also comes through." - Vacant Stations.

Vacant Stations | Clones | CD

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  • 1    Day    04:54
    2    Clones    04:28
    3    Cordon    02:39
    4    Stanza    09:27
    5    Five    04:18
    6    Load    04:16
    7    Lapse    07:06
    8    Cluster    04:25
    9    Penultima    05:38
    10    Stay    02:35
    11    Reprieve    05:34
    12    Rubberneck    03:48
    13    Publix    02:49

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